New Business

Building science and technology business

It is a science and technology group integrating scientific research, design, processing, construction, operation, service and investment in the new building industrialization, building energy saving and environmental protection, integrated house, passive building, future building and new building materials. In accordance with the requirements of CCT Tech, CCTG is doing a top-level design of a new type of building industrialization and is responsible for the overall planning of the CCB construction industrialization business and implementation of industrial platform, technology platform and management and control platform for the building industrialization. Committed to become the construction technology industry in the 13th Five-Year leading enterprises, building

Environmental protection business of water

As a group of specialized water companies that implement the business development strategy of "big construction, real estate and big environmental protection", CCTEWAS is strategically positioned as "leading water environment construction and integrated water service provider". Its business scope covers water basin planning and design, water Environmental construction, comprehensive management of aquatic ecology, water supply and drainage official website construction, water investment and operation, sludge treatment and disposal projects, construction of urban underground pipe gallery and sponge urban construction and other water industry chain. As an iconic enterprise implementing the strategy of establishing "Blue Ocean" in the process of construction, CSCEC is committed to building a new industrial growth pole of CCTB and becoming a national flagship water company.

E-commerce business

China Construction E-Commerce Co., Ltd. is China's construction in response to the national "Internet +" strategy, to create focused on the construction industry Internet integrated service innovation platform. The company building cloud network as the core brand, creating a cloud build electricity providers, cloud building services, clouds build gold service, cloud building data and cloud building technology 5 business. Cloud daily average access to network construction reached 440000, has become the construction industry Internet service leader in the brand and the central business Internet services and dual platform for the well-known brands.

Financial business

The purpose of China Construction Finance Business is to further promote the integration of industry and finance, integrate the Group's financial assets and financial businesses, enhance the quality of assets and capital utilization of the Group, give play to the role of financial markets and financial instruments, leveraging the development of major businesses and realizing industry And effective coordination of finance, foster new business growth points for the Group and promote the diversified development of business in China Construction.

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