HR Strategy

"Human oriented" human resource management

  • We firmly believe that human resources are one of the core competencies of our company
    For China Construction, one of the most competitive aspects is to have a large number of talented people who are loyal to the company and the cause, who believe that team interests outweigh personal interests and who are self-disciplined, self-motivated and self-developed to be able to manage and be good at marketing.
  • We will always follow the basic human resource management concepts of retaining talented employees by "career, emotion and treatment" and "individual concern"
    and put this concept into our various human resources management policies. Through occupational planning, education and training and performance appraisal, we will establish individual value creation and ability combined with the sharing of enterprise development results by means of incentive mechanism, and strengthen the attractiveness and development of talent to provide stronger talent support for enterprise development.
  • We will always adhere to the principle of combining morality with ability and taking morality as the first
    No one is perfect, but we will make the best of every employee. We always adhere to the principle of performance appraisal, and evaluate every employee according to his/her achievements. The only thing that can deny a person is his "conduct", and we will never employ a person with "misbehavior".

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