Real Estate Investment & Development

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      • As one of the most powerful investors in China,China Construction makes investment in real estate development, financing, investment and construction projects, and urban comprehensive construction projects. China Overseas Property, a subsidiary of CSCEC, has always been in the leading position in China's real estate enterprises, won the "China Real Estate Industry Leading Brand" for 14 consecutive years, with its brand value ranking first in the industry.

        China Construction strengthens integration of internal resources and business synergy, devotes itself to the vertical integration of investment, development, design, construction, operation and service, establishes a mature investment operation and risk management system, accumulates rich investment and financing management experience, and has a large number of investment operation management professionals. China ConstructionFangcheng Investment & Development Group Co., Ltd. is a new type of urbanization professional investment company, which focuses on the development of land and the promotion of land value, and has experienced the unique integrated ability of urban comprehensive construction.

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