2024 Spring Festival: Joyful celebrations with CSCEC

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The Spring Festival, marking the Chinese lunar New Year, is not only a new beginning in the lunar calendar but also the most significant traditional festival in China. This year, as we enter the Year of the Dragon, let's celebrate the Lunar New Year together with the global CSCECers!

Creating a Joyful Festive Atmosphere

Red couplets and "福" characters hang, and vibrant decorations illuminate the surroundings. CSCECers from Hong Kong, Bangladesh, the Philippines, the Republic of Congo, and beyond join in the festivities by pasting couplets and "福" characters, hanging lanterns, and adorning with the traditional red color to welcome the Chinese New Year in warmth and joy.




Feeling various interesting traditions

Embracing the traditional customs with a touch of national essence, CSCECers from Thailand, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, and other places pick up brushes to write New Year blessings. Unfolding red paper, they skillfully cut out patterns to welcome good fortune. They also take part in sweetening the celebration by scooping honey, adding a delightful touch to the festive atmosphere. It's a journey into traditional culture, experiencing the beauty of intangible cultural heritage.



Celebrating the Happy Chinese Festival Together with CSCECers

As the Year of the Dragon brings new aspirations, blessings extend to countless homes. CSCECers from Nepal, Kazakhstan, Algeria, and various corners of the world join hands in hard work, contributing to happiness and celebrating the joyous festival through mutual exchange and mutual learning.


CSCEC wishes everyone a Happy Spring Festival! May the Year of the Dragon bring health and prosperity to your families, and may good luck be with you! Wishing everyone a splendid 2024!

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